Application instructions

All applications materials should be submitted online via

A complete application will consist of the following materials (only participants with complete applications can be considered).

A 1-2 page document written in standard English (avoid bulleted lists) which should include (1) relevant background, interest, and experience in mathematics and doing mathematical research (though no previous research experience is required); and (2) long-term professional goals.

A 1-2 page document indicating which projects in the 2024 REU you are interested in being a participant. For each project you are interested give a short summary of your interest/motivation in the project and your relevant background for the project; each project in this statement should be given its own individual heading.

Applicants may express interest in as many projects as they want, but ultimately will only be selected to work on a single project if they are accepted to the REU.

A paragraph (less than half a page) summarizing research opportunities at your current institution. This document is about your school, and not about you. It is intended to help us gather data that the NSF grant requires.

An unofficial transcript is fine. Please include transcripts from all universities and colleges you have earned course credit from up to and including Fall 2023.

List of all college/university math courses you have completed with corresponding grades (using the A-F scale when possible). Indicate any courses not taken at your current institution and where the course was taken.

Also list all courses in which you are/will be enrolled in Spring 2024.

These letters should be from people who can attest to your current mathematical ability. At least one letter should be from a college or university instructor who has taught you in a formal course. If you have had any prior research experience (though no previous research experience is required), then one of the letters must me from your previous research mentor or program director (especially if you have previously done an REU). Please ask your letter writers to address your ability to work in a collaborative environment.

For any questions about application instructions or materials, please contact the organizers at